Harper And Machado Sweepstakes: A Look Back At 10 Long-Term Free Agent Contracts

With Bryce Harper and Manny Machado reportedly seeking deals in the eight to ten-year range, much of the discussion around baseball in recent weeks has centered around how long is too long when it comes to free agent contracts. Although things have picked up a bit of late, the market as a whole continues to move at a snail's pace while the world waits to see where these two megastars will sign.

Prospectus Feature: Anything But Routine

Everything changes over time, even baseball. It’s no surprise that the role of the starting pitcher has morphed during the past two dozen years. From stricter pitch counts and heavier reliance on bullpens for strikeout purposes to dramatic changes in strategy like bullpen games, openers, and piggyback starts, starters must be more flexible and adaptable than ever. Considering the intense physical and mental exertion that goes into a game for a starting pitcher, some hurlers have famously fastidious pre-game routines that help them align mind and body for the arduous task ahead.

Red Sox 2011 Draft Class On Full Display In '18 World Series

Raised in the Boston suburb of Brookline, former Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein's dream since a young age was to work for his hometown team. He not only lived out that fantasy, but throughout New England will forever be known as the man responsible for constructing a club that ended the franchise's 86-year championship drought, a once seemingly endless stretch of futility that spanned several generations of Bostonians.
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