Yankees Top Prospect Jasson Dominguez Hasn’t Had A Pro At-Bat, But His Baseball Cards Are Skyrocketing

Jasson Dominguez has rocketed toward the top of baseball’s prospect rankings since signing as an international free agent in July 2019, a deal that featured a $5.1 million bonus courtesy of his favorite childhood team. The cardboard versions of the Yankees’ prized phenom have also catapulted up the sales charts at a record pace, causing a frenzied run on the handful of trading card sets that have featured the 18-year-old in the neophyte stage of his career.

Prospectus Feature: Ellen Adair on Baseball, Pace of Play, and Empathy (Part 1)

It’s not uncommon to see stars of stage and screen out at the ballpark rooting for their hometown teams or showing support for their favorite sluggers on social media. While Hollywood and hardball have always intertwined, it’s not every day you find a SAG member that wields a scorebook and possesses an intricate knowledge of sabermetrics.

Ellen Adair is that rare breed, an accomplished actor who’s appeared in some of TV’s biggest shows like Billions, Homeland, and The Sinner, yet can cite advan

On Opening Day, Yankees Fans Return To Struggling Area Businesses Including Historic Yankee Tavern

As was the case in many neighborhoods throughout New York City, the businesses around Yankee Stadium suffered devastating financial losses over the past year due to pandemic-related restrictions. What makes most of these storefronts, saloons and street vendors different, however, is their heavy dependence on the baseball fans that flood the area each time the Yankees play a home game.
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